NOWportrait, 5 strangers and a dog named Sparky

This week we’re embracing twosomes inspired by Ilaria, Natalie and Cally who met not one but two strangers for their NOWportraits (and we’re counting Sparky as a bonafido stranger because, well, just look his little face!)


Roshid & Sparky – NOWportrait by Ilaria Petrucci
Yesterday I met Roshid…and Sparky. I started talking to Roshid as I saw little Sparky literally leaping towards a motorbike that was driving past them and almost taking Roshid with him! We started the conversation with my observation at how ambitious his dog was and from there we chatted for a few minutes and they both kindly posed (thank you Sparky!) for a portrait. Roshid is an engineer and yesterday he finished work earlier and took his dog for a walk in the lovely weather and I was very lucky to meet them both. While talking I found out his jobs involves a bit of travelling, including Sicily, in Italy, where my mum is also from!


Sarah and Fraser – NOWportrait by Natalie Russell
I met Sarah and Fraser last night at an FDT event. They are part of Creative in Callander, which is a non profit community based co-operative craft and retail outlet.


Michele & Georgina – NOWportrait by Cally Sheard
I couldn’t help but ask Michele and Georgina for a photograph as they passed me in the street today with their faces painted white. Curiosity got the better of me! It turned out they were working on photography project for school to demonstrate their dark side which is why they had painted their faces so ghoulishly. They were just on their way back from grabbing lunch at Mcdonalds and were delighted to become part of NOWPortrait!

NOWportrait tips for pairs:

  • say hello (often the hardest part!)
  • have a friendly chat, what was it about them as a couple of people that inspired you to take their portrait? Let them know!
  • find out more about their story and discover how they are connected to each other (or perhaps they’re not connected at all – check out Touching Strangers for Richard Renaldi’s portraits of people who’ve never met before #TouchingStrangers)
  • be bold and ask them to move if you need (sometimes distances seem further apart through your lens and you might need them to be closer together for your photo)

If you’re looking for places to find strangers then today the roof garden at John Lewis is open and is sure to be full of people enjoying the sunshine #OxfordStreetRoofGardenEvent. On Tuesday Chelsea Flower Show begins, perfect for a flower inspired NOWportrait . And for Douglas Adams fans, you’ll know that next Sunday is Towel Day Keep your eyes peeled for strangers with towels! #towelday

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