1 amazing way to boost your confidence

You might have noticed that saying hello to a stranger who you want to photograph can be daunting! I know when I first started doing it I made lots of excuses to myself to get out of it, ‘they look too busy’, ‘the light’s no good’, ‘it’s not my thing’, and more. Really I was worrying that the stranger might think I’m weird, about having nothing to say, and about whether the photo would be  good enough. Doing NOWportrait takes some courage!

Last week NOWportrait was invited to the Leeds Waterfront Festival to run a workshop. Jordan was one of the people who came along, and at first he was really nervous to approach a stranger, but he was determined to give it a go. It took him a while to pluck up the courage and when he did, the first people he met were Rubel and his wife…

At the end of the day, Jordan said “I had a fantastic time at the event, even though it was scary walking up to random strangers, it was such a confidence boost!”


Rubel Roy – NOWportrait by Jordan Lowry
Rubel was actually the first person I spoke to, when I finally gathered up enough nerve to actually approach someone. Turns out he was a really friendly guy who I somehow kept bumping into. Originally from Bangladesh, Rubel recently moved to Leeds with his lovely wife who he married in January.

The whole weekend of the festival was fantastic and full of pirates, mermaids, artists, stalls, music, steampunk, boat races and excited visitors. Check out the NOWportrait Facebook group to see who everyone met.

And, if you’d like to join in, please do! Say hello to someone you’ve never met before, have a chat and find out their story, take a portrait and share your NOWportrait with us in the Facebook group and on Twitter or Instagram #NOWportrait.