#NOWportrait inspires connections between strangers through photography.

It’s easy to be strangers with your neighbours and the community just outside your front door, especially when so much communication and community happens online!

Perhaps we are heading to a future where our only chats with strangers will be over the internet!?

#NOWportrait aims to change that future, one stranger at a time!

The first NOWportrait weekend:

Over the weekend of March 8th, 9th & 10th 2014, photographers and people with cameras all over the UK were out and about meeting strangers, having chats and taking portraits.

37 photographers took part and met over 60 new people and all of those portraits and stories were shared on the NOWportrait Facebook page.

Selected photos from that weekend will also be made into an exhibition and book which will be sold to raise money for UK mental health charity MIND.


The ‘rules’ are simple:

Grab your camera, meet a stranger, photograph their portrait, capture their story, share your #NOWportrait


Facebook – join the NOWportrait Facebook group and share your NOWportrait story and why you were inspired by the person.

The NOWportrait Facebook group will be an ongoing place for people to share NOWportraits, stories, inspirations, comments, hints & tips.

Instagram – Follow NOWportrait Instagram @NOWportraitShare the photo and their story (and why you were inspired by them) to Instagram using #NOWportrait

Twitter – Follow NOWportrait Twitter @NOWportrait. Share the photo and their story (and why you were inspired by them) to Twitter using #NOWportrait

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