Grab your camera, meet a stranger, say hello!

Hello everyone!

Did you know that anyone with any camera can take part in #NOWportrait?  We love to see photos taken on camera phones, ‘point and shoot’ compact cameras, SLRs, medium format etc etc. Even pinhole cameras (we’ll be very impressed indeed if you do a pinhole camera photo!!!) And both digital and film are welcome.

The portrait of Lydia below was shot by photographer Katharine Peachey, on a film on a medium format camera  (Contax 645 – Kodak Portra) which meant Katharine uploaded her digital scans a few weeks after she met Janet.  And the portrait of Bert was shot by hairdresser Conor Kelly on an iPhone which he shared with us on Instagram #nowportrait.

However you take photos, NOWportrait is about being out there making a great connection with someone you’ve never met before.


“I met Lydia whilst working on a project for the fantastic Orangebox Youth Centre in central Halifax (the reason for trip up North more of that later). She is 17 and works there as an intern but is hoping she’ll be made a permanent member of staff once her internship ends. She gave me a tour of the place and this shot was taken in the skate park on the building’s roof. She was a delight.” NOWportrait by Katharine Peachey


“This is Bert, I met him when I was walking my dog winston (Bert liked the name) on Hilly Fields SE4 . Bert is recovering from surgery on his Achilles’ tendon but was still smiling and having fun with his beautiful family in the park!” – NOWportrait by Conor Kelly

This week who will you meet?  We’re encouraging you to join in the project and share the people you meet with the #NOWportrait community in the Facebook group or on Instagram #nowportrait. We can’t wait to see!

To get started head out into your local community, find someone you’ve never met before and say hello. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, next Wednesday 14th May  is ‘Receptionist’s Day‘ so that could be a great way to start.

Or, if you’re feeling far more risqué, next Thursday 15th May is ‘Nylon Stocking’s Day‘ 😉  Add the hashtags #receptionistsday or #nylonstockingsday to your #nowportrait when you share.

For our latest updates follow us on Twitter @nowportrait and on the NOWportrait Facebook page too.

Grab your camera, meet a stranger, photograph their portrait, capture their story, share your #NOWportrait 


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